LiquidTech Launches Commercial Cleaning Products

29 January 19

Commercial cleaning technology advancements mean that you do not have to settle for the old chemical-based cleaning methods of the previous century. Welcome to a new era and new standards of clean.

LiquidTech provides advanced and comprehensive solutions that help businesses and private individuals combat the viruses, bacteria, mold and fungi that can develop on surfaces and on hands.

LiquidTech’s commercial anti-microbial cleaning treatments tackle a wide variety of surfaces, and destroy microbes quickly and effectively. We offer germ-fighting, disinfecting sprays, liquids, and concentrates for large-scale surface treatments for facilities, hand application products for smaller areas and germ-destroying products for all types of businesses.

Clean hands are a fundamental component of staying healthy. Safely and comfortably removing germs from the hands is a simple and important way to protect people from serious illness. LiquidTech offers highly-effective solutions that help keep your employees’, family’s and customers’ hands germ-free and healthy.

Cleaning solutions Instead of Treatment

All restaurants need a high-end approach to cleaning and sanitation. LiquidTech’s products for clean hands keep food service workers’ hands sanitized, but not irritated. As well, anti-microbial cleaning products from LiquidTech keep patrons happy and restaurants running smoothly.
Maintaining a sanitary environment does more than keep things smelling and looking nice while creating a positive customer experience – maintaining a sanitary environment can be crucial to public health and safety.

Microbes like bacteria, fungi, viruses and algae are able to grow in environments of all types and on surfaces of all kinds. Some of these microbes contribute to odors, discoloration and mildew, and some are pathogenic and can cause illness.

Today, it is more important than ever to go beyond what is visible to the naked eye and control for germs on a microbial level. LiquidTech’s anti-microbial infused cleaning products are the answer! Whether its a variety of hard surfaces, floors, windows, vinyl, leather, or any other common commercial environment, LiquidTech has a solution to help keep your employees and patrons safe and healthy.