LiquidTech’s WatchOut!

The First-Ever Hand Sanitizing Spray Dispenser Worn Like a Wristwatch!


Vibrant Colors

Stay safe while expressing a fashion statement that best suits you. Our current offering of six color choices works well with casual or formal wear.


Specially Designed No Leak Container

Most innovative hand sanitizer container in the industry! Not only leak-proof but made out of solid construction to last years. And, the container is replaceable, meaning you can have many at your disposal.


What's in the Package?

A very stylish and extremely comfortable WatchOut! band coupled with a spray cartridge and a full bottle of LiquidTech’s hand sanitizer. Our Hand Sanitizer is an FDA Registered product that exceeds FDA and WHO manufacturing guidelines.

The watch comes in both a small and large size.  This will fit most children and adults.


The LiquidTech WatchOut! Kit

Everything you need. You get the watch, one Container, and LiquidTech's 4oz Hand Sanitizer with fill nozzle for your watch. Options include you purchase WatchOut! as a complete kit or just purchase the WatchOut! by itself. Color choices are the same either way!

How it works…


Step 1

Using the third finger.


Step 2

Using the base of the palm to depress the nozzle.


Step 3

Using the thumb to depress the nozzle.

This watch will protect you every day, and should be used by the following:

  • Children
  • All those exposed continuously to the public
  • Healthcare workers
  • Those with Immune Deficiencies
  • Flight Attendants
  • Restaurant Staff
  • Hotel  Staff
  • this list can go, on and on…

WatchOut! Video