CompoundTech – Professional Series

Project Description

Our Professional Series product, CompoundTech is a compound and polish to apply as your first step to correct starches, swirls marks, and micro marring. CompoundTech is capable of correcting the swirls, scratches, and oxidation that populate your paint. CompoundTech is also the first step to create a finish with a higher gloss versus what is typically provided from other compounds. This compound is designed for machine application with either a dual-action or circular machine polisher

CompoundTech is designed to remove light scratches and swirls while improving depth, gloss and clarity on light and/or dark-colored painted or clear-coated surfaces. Made with nano diminishing abrasives and water-based lubricants CompoundTech will blend away imperfections gradually, leaving a smooth paint surface. Use with Liquitech’s “orange” cutting/polishing pad.

This product offers:
Removes Light Scratches and Swirl Marks
Improves Depth & Gloss
Clear Coat Safe

Made in the USA

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